Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLC) are dedicated residence hall floors where students with similar interests live together and participate in programs that address their personal and academic needs. Together with academic programs and University departments, On Campus Living provides opportunities for residents to interact with their peers, staff, and faculty to facilitate their academic goals and explore new experiences.

Students will be a part of a close-knit, learning-centered “neighborhood” that maintains a safe environment, develops a supportive and inclusive community, and fosters wellness and leadership in each person. This rewarding residential experience will open the doors for residents to explore common interests with mentors.

Each LLC has its own personality and unique identity with events and activities that encourage academic and social growth through positive and respectful contributions to the community.

Why choose an LLC?

  • You live with people who have similar goals and interests as you
  • You have the opportunity to learn about the things that matter to you
  • You become engaged in your community quickly
  • You will make connections with UAA faculty and staff beyond the classroom
  • You are a part of something special in On Campus Living at UAA
  • You have dedicated programs and events for your LLC – social, service-oriented, and
  • IT’S FUN!


Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program (ANSEP) & Engineering LLC

West Hall

This is a cooperative program between Residence Life and the Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program (ANSEP) and the College of Engineering. This community provides a supportive environment for science and engineering majors, particularly Alaska Native and rural students. ANSEP help students develop close ties with others who have similar backgrounds and interests while adjusting to campus life. Engineering students outside of the ANSEP program benefit from living on a floor of students who are taking similar classes and working toward a future career in science and engineering.

Aviation Community

East Hall

Students who are planning to pursue a career in aviation such as Air Traffic Control, Aviation Administration, Professional Piloting, or Aviation Maintenance would be a perfect fit for this community. Programs and events are planned with aviation in mind – both academic and social.

Rural Alaskans First-Year Transition (RAFT) Program

North Hall

The Rural Alaskan First Year Transition (RAFT) program helps rural Alaskan students in their adjustment and transition to their first year of college by building peer support networks, connecting students through Cama-i Room activities and events, developing academic skills, and celebrating Alaska traditions and culture. Students are encouraged to enroll in a common course, UNIV A150, which is taught right in the hall. The Department of Residence Life works with Native Student Services and the Native Early Transition program to assist students who reside on campus.

University Honors & UAA Scholars Community

East Hall

Students enrolled in the University Honors Program, as well as UAA Scholars, are encouraged to live with others who have a similar academic commitment and aspiration for intellectual excellence on the Honors floor. Residents will engage in dynamic programs and events such as lecture series, community service engagement, leadership workshops, and creative art performances. Faculty from the University Honors Program and residence life staff work together to make this community a fun and scholarly place to live and learn.

First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE) Program

North Hall

The First-Year Residential Experience Program is housed in North Hall and is for students who have completed 20 or less college credits and are under the age of 21. FYRE is designed to help residents with the transition to college, offering peer support and mentoring, social events, workshops focused on academic success and personal growth, tutoring and study groups, and opportunities for leadership and community service. In addition to the resources provided in the hall, residents are encouraged to enroll in UNIV A150, a 3-credit college course with some sections taught in North Hall focusing on the development of academic success skills.

Health Sciences & Professions LLC

West Hall

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in the Health Sciences such as Nursing, Physical and Occupational Therapy Assistants, and Public Health, are brought together in this LLC to engage in academic and social events that focus on issues and topics engaging health professionals. There will be two courses offered to the residents to enhance their learning in the health sciences and professions: Health A151, a general health exploration of self in the profession; and CEL A292, an introduction to civic engagement. The CEL A292 class would be taught on the residential campus and offers a service learning component – a great resume builder for nursing or medical school!

Wellness LLC

North, East & West Hall

 The Wellness LLC floor in each residence hall is for students who want to live in a space that works to develop an understanding of balance and wellness in mind, body, and spirit. Residents are able to connect with one another through a range of programs and events focused on nutrition and fitness, social health and mental well-being, and alcohol and other drugs education. Working with the Health Promotions Team and the Dean of Students Office, residents will have the opportunity to explore their relationship with self and others through the lens of wellness. These communities are substance-free and all residents agree to keeping the influences of alcohol, tobacco, and other illegal drugs and substances out of their community, including decoration and/or paraphernalia. All residents, including those 21 years of age and older, and guests must not possess or consume alcohol or other controlled substances on the floor or returning to the floor.

 On-Campus Living is dedicated to providing a healthy living environment for all residents and strongly enforces the expectation that all residents and their guests comply with all federal, state, and University regulations related to the use and possession of alcohol and drugs.