Rental Information

Recital Hall - Audience View
Recital Hall Seating

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  Standard Non-Profit Sponsored Departmental
Performance Day: $440 $350 $240 $140
Rehearsal Day: $165 $150 $90 $50
Technicians: $50 per hour, per person (4 hour minimum)

Weekend Custodial: $150 minimum

Reservation Requests

If you are affiliated with the university and have a UAA login, please enter your reservation request in 25Live.

If you do not have a UAA username and password, please contact Dan Anteau, the Fine Arts Building Manager, at or 907-786-1782. Reservation forms are below.


All events are required to be covered by insurance.  The University of Alaska self-insurance covers official UAA events.  Official Anchorage School District events are covered by ASD insurance.  Most non-profit and for-profit organizations have insurance that may cover an off-site event.  Your carrier can email a copy of your insurance rider to Dan Anteau to complete this requirement. 

If you do not have a carrier and need to purchase insurance for your event, the University of Alaska provides renters the option of purchasing insurance through the Tenants' and Users' Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP). Call (907) 450-8157 for details.

Renters are required to provide 4 ushers for events in the Recital Hall (2 if the balcony is not used).  Ushers should arrive at least 1 hour before the event is set to begin and familiarize themselves with the locations of the restrooms and nearest exits.

Ushers are responsible for making sure that food and drinks are kept out of the venue and every patron has a seat. 

In an emergency, Ushers are responsible for helping patrons locate the nearest unobstructed exit from the building and checking the venue to see that all patrons were able to evacuate. 

$50 per hour per person with a 4 hour minimum per session.  During the school year, student staff may be available at a lower rate.

A Fine Arts Building Technician is required to be present at all times when the light/sound booth is open.

Fine Arts Building Technicians are able to assist with lighting, video projections and basic audio (microphones for lecturers).  For more complicated audio needs, such as live music reinforcement, it is highly recommended that a professional audio engineer is hired.  A list of audio engineers who have worked in the venue recently can be provided upon request.

Livestreaming is available with an extra charge. 

  • You will need your own livestream account with a provider (YouTube, Facebook, zoom, etc), and we will provide the feed for that event.   
  • Livestream equipment is first come first serve, so please email Dan Anteau to see if it is available for your event.
  • Music Department Theatre/Dance department and Art Department academic events have equipment priority.

Video recordings of events are not provided.  A list of companies who specialize in video production and have worked in the venue recently can be provided upon request.

Rentals do not include advertising, box office access or ticketing through the Fine Arts Box Office.

Art, Music and Theatre & Dance Department events are ticketed through

University and club events, ticketing is available through UAATix.

Advertisements may be posted on the bulletin boards along the hallways on either side of ARTS 150.  Posting on doors, pillars or walls is not permitted.

Box Office window

Pianos can be rented from the Music Department.  If one is needed, please request it when you place your reservation and the Fine Arts Building Theatre Manager will make the arrangements.  Piano tuning can only be done with Department approved tuners. Email Dan Anteau for a list of approved piano tuners.

  • $100: Grand Piano (Yamaha)
  • $200: Concert Grand (Steinway and Sons); Music Department approval is required

 Additional Spaces for Reservations

Any space in the venue used by the Renter shall be cleaned by the Renter and returned to the state it was in upon the Renter’s arrival.  All trash is to be placed in existing trash cans.  If overflowing they should be emptied by taking excess trash to the dumpster on the south side of the building. floors are to be swept and/or vacuumed respectively, and spills are to be mopped. Countertops are to be wiped clean and the refrigerators and microwaves are also to be cleaned and emptied of the Renter’s items. All bathrooms used are to be swept, toilets flushed, and countertops wiped down. Vacuums, brooms, mops and other cleaning supplies will be provided by the Event staff. Please promptly let the venue staff know if there is a cleaning or damage issue in any part of the facility. Additional charges can be applied if the Renter does not clean the venue.

  • Lobby and Common Spaces

    Use of the first floor lobby is generally included in ARTS 150 rentals unless otherwise indicated. However, private or exclusive use of lobby is not possible.

    The Fine Arts Building has 3 performance spaces, 2 lecture halls and an art gallery.  Please be courteous to other events in the building by keeping noise levels down. 

    First floor lobby
    First floor lobby

    Moving, covering or tampering with equipment, displays or artwork is not permitted and may result in cancellation of your current event and/or future events. 

    Lobby furniture may be moved with approval for the duration of an event as long as all pieces are restored to their original locations immediately after the event.

    No items are to be hung on any surface in the venue without direct approval from the Theater Manager, or Faculty, or event staff.  Blue interior painter’s tape is the only approved hanging device allowed for hanging items on the walls or windows in the venue.  Nothing is to be hung on the display boards in the venue lobby without direct permission from the staff of the venue.

  • Dressing Rooms
    Recital Hall Dressing Room
    The Recital Hall has one small dressing room.  If you need additional dressing rooms, please request them when you place your reservation so that the Theatre Manager can make the necessary arrangements.
  • Green Room/Hospitality Room

    We have one shared green room for all three performance spaces.

    Green Room comes with an extra cost, and must be booked at the time of your reservation.  Please be flexible as this is a shared space.

    You must clean up after yourself in this space.  Any mess left after your check-out will assess a cleaning fee.  ($150 minimum charge)

    Green room interior
    Hospitality room interior
  • Make-up Room

    We have one shared Make-up room for all three performance spaces.

    Make-up Room comes with an extra cost, and must be booked at the time of your reservation.  Please be flexible as this is a shared space.

    You must clean up after yourself in this space.  Any mess left after your check-out will assess a cleaning fee.  ($150 minimum charge)

    Make-up room interior


University Additions to Events

  • Event Parking

    Parking is enforced Monday – Thursday from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm. Visitors can visit the Short-Term Parking website to see all visitor/short-term parking options.  If you would like to include parking for your event, please request it when you make the reservation.

    Parking Services Contact Information: or 786-1119.

  • Food and Beverages

    Seawolf Dining & Catering is the exclusive caterer on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus. All on-campus events with food costing more than $500 must be catered by Seawolf Dining & Catering. Sample menus and pricing can be found on their website.

    Selling food or beverages as concessions is not permitted, except at UofA events or by registered UAA clubs.

    Food and beverages are not permitted in any of the venues in the Fine Arts Building.  Please have the ushers gather cups and plates at the doors.

    Custodial cleanup is required after events that serve food. Please ask the Fine Arts Building Manager for an estimate when you make your reservation.

    Please do not serve items that are likely to stain such as; red drinks, tomato sauce and heavily dyed food items.

    Alcohol service requires a UAA permit.  If you intend to serve alcohol, please notify the Theatre Manager at least a month in advance to allow for time to process the paperwork.

  • Trash

    Please place all trash in designated trash bins.  Dumpsters are located on the South end of the building for overflow.

    Weekend Custodial: $150 minimum

  • Minors on Campus

    Minors on a UA campus require compliance of ALL applicable sections of the Protection of Minors Policy. You are responsible to provide a copy of the policy to all your participants’ parents, volunteers, staff, employees and chaperones. Full policy is found available online and can be provided by email or print upon request.

    Please contact Risk Management for more information (786-1300).