Students who live on campus and have a car will need to purchase a Semester Housing Parking Permit from UAA Parking Services each fall and spring semester. This permit will allow the student to park in the residential parking lots as well as most lots and parking garages on campus.

Students living on campus during the summer will need to purchase a general Summer Full Day Parking Permit, which is good for all lots (including residential campus lots) and garages on campus.


If you don’t have a car, you can take the Seawolf Shuttle to locations on main campus, the University Center and the Aviation Complex.  The Gorsuch Commons is a regular stop for the Seawolf Shuttle during the fall and spring semesters.  Please visit the Seawolf Shuttle webpage for more information about schedules, accessing the Live Shuttle Tracker, etc. 


Bike trails run from residential campus through most of main campus and a bike is a great way to get around (even in the winter if you have fat or studded tires).

Public Transportation

For residents wishing to use public transportation, a People Mover bus stop is located on Elmore Street just south of the Commons. Currently enrolled students and UAA employees may ride the People Mover and AnchorRIDES buses for free with the U-Pass program. Student ID cards (Wolfcard) with current semester validation serve as bus passes for all People Moverand AnchorRIDES routes.