UAA Residence Life Animal Handler Expectations

The information contained on this page is supplemental to the University of Alaska (UA) Residence Life Animal Policy. The Department of Residence Life recognizes the importance of Service Animals and Assistance Animals to members of our community and is committed to providing a pathway for these animals to find a home at UAA according to University policy, and state and federal law. 

Disability Accommodations

Residence Life partners with Disability Support Services (DSS) to implement this policy and is the office on UAA’s campus responsible for making determinations of reasonable accommodations for students who experience disabilities. Residents seeking an Assistance Animal as a reasonable accommodation should contact DSS to start this process. DSS determinations of an Assistance Animal as a reasonable accommodation are communicated to Residence Life. A member of the Residence Life staff will outreach to these students to review the UA Residence Life Animal Policy and any additional expectations Residence Life may have for Animal Handlers. 

Unauthorized Pets are prohibited for any length of time in a UAA building on the residential campus. Residents are also encouraged to be mindful of the length of time an animal is left unattended in a vehicle, especially considering the extreme and unpredictable nature of weather in Alaska. 

Residence Expectations and Suggestions for Animal Handlers

Additional expectations for Animal Handlers in the residential community may include: 

  1. A meeting with the Director of Residence or their designee to review the policies and agreements in place for residents with animals. 
  2. Submission of the animal’s vaccination records. 
  3. Proof of the animal’s registration with the Municipality of Anchorage.
  4. Evidence that dogs and cats have been spayed or neutered. 
  5. An emergency contact for the animal in the event of an emergency which renders the Animal Handler incapable of properly caring for their animal or complying with relevant policies and expectations. Emergency contacts are not permitted to be other students who live on-campus. 
  6. Submission of a signed agreement acknowledging their responsibilities as Animal Handlers in the residential community. 

Records and agreements required by Residence Life are managed through the resident’s Campus Housing Self-Service Page in UAOnline.

Residents with animals are strongly encouraged to follow these suggestions, but they are not required: 

  • Place an announcement on the suite or apartment door of Animal Handlers that contains the following information: 
    • A picture of the animal
    • The animal’s name

The purpose of the announcement is to notify University staff and emergency personnel of the presence of the animal in the event they need to enter the suite when the resident is not present. This allows them to use caution when opening the suite door and entering the suite to prevent the animal from being startled or exiting the suite. 

Sample Door Sign with Image and Name of Assistance or Service Animal

  • For students living in a residence hall, place an additional announcement at the entrance to the building in a designated area that contains the following information: 
    • A picture of the animal
    • The animal’s name
    • The suite number of the Animal Handler

This announcement is for emergency personnel who are assisting with the evacuation of the building. The ability to evacuate animals is determined by emergency responders and depends on capacity and the condition of the building. 

Sample Lobby Sign with Image, Name and Location of Assistance or Service Animal

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