University Technology Council

The Council is the centerpiece of UAA's IT governance structure. It is a Chancellor-appointed group whose nominees come from all parts of UAA's community. Explanation of Council inclusion and alignment with major community groups is described in University Technology Council Representation.

The Council is chaired by the CIO and one of the annually-appointed representatives. Monthly meetings are held during each academic year from September through May. Additional meetings and retreats typically occur throughout the year associated with major work on UAA's strategic technology plan or significant initiatives.

Each year, the Council establishes charges for itself and the Working Groups that it creates. Working Groups are extensions of the Council that are open to participation by all interested UAA faculty, staff and students. Working Groups permit the Council to more efficiently research and discuss significant technology issues. Currently, the Council supports the Computer Lab working group. 

Student Technology Fee

A major responsibility of the UTCl is to provide oversight of use of UAA's Student Technology Fees. See Student Semester expenses for more information about how the Anchorage campus' fees are used.

Innovative Technology Solutions Fund

The Innovative Technology Solutions Fund (ITSF) was created by the UTC to support innovative technology solutions that advance student success. The UTC accepts ITSF funding requests each Spring and makes funds available the following Fall term. The UTC Finance subcommittee reviews all requests and brings a proposal forward to the full UTC for approval. Application is open to any UAA community member: student, faculty, or staff.

For more information about the ITSF, including criteria and how to apply, please visit the ITSF webpage.