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Annual Academic Assessment and Reporting Graphic Mission Fulfillment: UAA measures Core Themes according to institutional assessment plan. Faculty complete the Annual Academic Assessment Survey. Results are reported in the annual UAA Performance Report. Degrees (Institutional Level): Faculty measure student achievement of GER components of associate and baccalaureate programs using shared rubrics. Faculty report results of GER assessment in an annual report due October 15. Academic Programs: Certificate and degree programs measure student achievement of the Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) according to the Academic Assessment Plan. Faculty report results of Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment in an Annual Report due October 15. Courses: Faculty measure achievement of course Student Learning Outcomes according to the Course Content Guide.

NOTE: This site is under construction while reports are being made accessible. To request any documents which are not currently linked below, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs.


    • Annual Academic Assessment Survey - NOTE: The AY21 Assessment Survey is not yet open. More information will be posted soon. (updated 4/2/21)

    The Survey provides a snapshot of assessment and improvement efforts for college- and institutional-level reporting.

    The Dean or Community Campus Director has designated a lead faculty member responsible for completing the Annual Academic Assessment Survey for each program. Only one faculty member per program completes the Survey.

    Programs with suspended admissions do not need to complete the Survey.


    • Annual Academic Assessment Report

    Programs produce an annual report to their deans. The report includes an overview of the year's assessment activities, results, recommendations, and improvements made and their effectiveness.

    The AY20 Expedited Program Review program reports are standing in for the Annual Academic Assessment Report. Therefore, programs are excused from the October 15 report.