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Academic Assessment Home Page

Academic Assessment = Improving Student Learning

 Academic Assessment Cycle: Plan & Set Goals; Provide Learning Opportunities; Gather & Compile Evidence; Discuss Results: Make Recommendations; Make Program Improvements: Assess Impact; Plan & Set Goals

 Annual Academic Assessment and Reporting Graphic Mission Fulfillment Projected: Students contribute qualitative data regarding student achievement of the Core Competencies through student focus groups and a graduate exit survey.  Degrees (Institutional Level) Faculty measure student achievement of GER components of associate and baccalaureate programs using shared rubrics.  Faculty report results of  GER assessment in an annual report due October 15.  Academic Programs Certificate and degree programs measure student achievement of the Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) according to the Academic Assessment Plan.   Faculty report results of Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment in an Annual Report due October 15.   Courses Faculty measure achievement of course Student Learning Outcomes according to the Course Content Guide.